Withdrawal Policy

DRUW is intended to provide persistent access to deposited material. Under limited circumstances, however, it may be necessary to remove material from the Repository. Any request for removal should be directed to the DRUW administrators and include the reasons for withdrawal. DRUW staff may contact the requester for additional information. The decision to withdraw or not rests solely with DRUW.

Administrative Withdrawal

DRUW may terminate or suspend access to and use of the Repositories for any reason, including for violation of any DRUW Policy or other conduct that DRUW believes to be unlawful or harmful to others. Content not considered to fall under the scope of the Repositories will be removed; see the Collection Policy for more information.

Most triggers for withdrawal would include discovery of a copyright or privacy violation. A withdrawal request may be initiated by the depositor or, in the case of a copyright violation, an internal or external entity. If a withdrawal is requested due to an alleged copyright or privacy violation, DRUW will notify the depositor and immediately block access to the item. DRUW is not responsible for resolving copyright disputes. If it is found that copyright was not violated, access to the withdrawn item will be reinstated.

Contributor Withdrawal

Withdrawal is considered an exceptional action which must be requested and fully justified by the original contributor(s), as it is directly contrary to DRUW’s goal of supporting the forthcoming UW Policy on Open Access. If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than the University, the author(s) must fulfill any obligations required by the contract or agreement with the agency or organization before requesting withdrawal of deposit from DRUW. Individual users may not remove items directly.

Items may not be withdrawn because the depositor or author is moving to another institution. The depositor has the right to give additional copies to other institutions under the non-exclusive agreement. For more information see the DRUW Terms of Deposit.


Since any item that has existed within DRUW may have been cited via its persistent URL, the Repositories will always supply a "tombstone" citation in place of the item. When a withdrawn item is requested, the original metadata along with a withdrawal statement will appear in place of the object.