Terms of Use

The ability to view materials in DRUW is a stand-alone permission. Materials’ availability does not imply that they may be used in any way the accessor wishes; apart from fair use, the intellectual property owner (often the author) of the materials has the right to dictate the terms of use - including whether users can copy and distribute the material. DRUW requires all depositors to indicate their wishes for these terms, often by assigning a license to the materials. This information is recorded in the metadata that accompanies each file. Usually the terms will fall under one of four categories:

  • All Rights Reserved

    The rights holder does not allow any copying or derivative works. If you wish to use the material in a way that exceeds fair use, you must contact the author/rights holder to obtain explicit approval.

  • Creative Commons

    A set of licenses that outline users’ responsibilities regarding attribution, commercialization, derivative works, and licensing of derivative works.

  • CC0

    The rights holder waives all of their interests in the work; you may use the material any way you wish.

  • Public Domain

    The materials are free of any known IP restrictions, and you may use the material in any way.

While DRUW is committed to supporting the forthcoming UW Policy on Open Access, some of the materials in DRUW Archive are under a limited-time embargo. If you would like to use the material before the embargo period ends, you must contact the author to obtain express permission. See our Data Citation Guide for attribution and citation best practices, and our Copyright FAQ for more information on intellectual property rights. If you have any questions about how an item in DRUW may be used, please contact the repository librarian.

By using DRUW, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Apart from fair use or express permission from the rights holder, you will use the materials only as permitted by the license that accompanies it and give attribution to the author(s) when the license indicates it is required.
  • You will not use the materials to identify individuals or otherwise infringe the privacy or confidentiality of individuals discovered inadvertently or intentionally in the materials.
  • As DRUW is a resource of the University of Washington, you agree to the University of Washington Website Terms and Conditions of Use, including all disclaimer of warranties, exclusions and limitations of liability.