Terms of Deposit

Depositor grants nonexclusive perpetual license to UW to review, migrate, transfer, derive, copy, reproduce, distribute, display, preserve and/or other actions to deposited materials and associated metadata.

Depositor will assign a separate license to the materials, usually from the following categories:

  • All Rights Reserved

    The rights holder does not allow any copying or derivative works. If you wish to use the material in a way that exceeds fair use, you must contact the author/rights holder to obtain explicit approval.

  • Creative Commons

    A set of licenses that outline users’ responsibilities regarding attribution, commercialization, derivative works, and licensing of derivative works.

  • CC0

    The rights holder waives all of their interests in the work; you may use the material any way you wish.

  • Public Domain

    The materials are free of any known IP restrictions, and you may use the material in any way.

Please contact the repository librarian if these options are insufficient.

By depositing materials in DRUW, the depositor understands and warrants that:

  • Depositor is a faculty, staff, student, or researcher at UW
  • Deposited materials are original work and/or depositor has proper rights and permissions to deposit materials (see CoMotion and the Copyright FAQ for more information on intellectual property rights at UW)
  • Deposited materials do not contain any restricted or DRUW Prohibited Information
  • Deposited materials do not infringe upon anyone’s publicity, privacy, or confidentiality
  • Deposited materials do not violate copyright, patent, trademark, or other rights
  • Depositor is in compliance with all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, regulations, and agreements
  • Deposited materials, or the process of depositing, will not cause harm to UW and UW campus technology systems
  • Depositor has read, understood, and agreed to the DRUW policies and terms
  • As DRUW is a resource of the University of Washington, you agree to the University of Washington Website Terms and Conditions of Use, including all disclaimer of warranties, exclusions and limitations of liability.

UW reserves the right to withdraw files that have violated these Terms of Deposit.