Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRUW?

A thing.

What do you mean by 'data'?

A good way to think about it is the materials that support the conclusions of a research project - anything that would be needed for someone to reproduce your work. This can be images, traditional datasets in various formats, software and algorithms used to process data, and other protocols surrounding data collection and analysis.

Who can deposit data?

UW peeps.

How do I deposit data into the repository?

Here’s a getting started guide for new depositors. Here’s how you prepare the data, and here’s how you get it into DRUW.

Why should I deposit my data?

Sharing is fun. Funders require it. You can get a DOI. Supporting open access and reproducibility is a good goal. It’s good to have a back-up. You can get more citations.

What formats does DRUW accept?

Anything. But we have a list of suggested formats.

Will my deposit get a DOI?

Yup. You can also get a PURL, if you’d rather.

Does depositing materials affect their copyright?

For deposits that include copyrightable material, those rights will not be affected. According to the Terms of Deposit, depositors grant DRUW a non-exclusive license to preserve and make the data available. But it’s important to note that according to GIM 37, UW owns all data produced at the University. Researchers have responsibility for stewardship of the data, and DRUW is a recommended way of providing that. Software and materials that have clearer copyright, such as images, ownership is not affected. Here’s more info.

Who can access the data? Can I put restrictions on access?

DRUW is an Open Access repository, so anyone with web access can view and download the data. If you need a DOI for a publication but the journal does not allow access before the publication, contact us and we can work something out.

Can I withdraw or change my deposits?

If you’ve made a mistake in your upload (spelled someone’s name wrong, etc.) contact us and we can fix it for you. If it’s an updated version of the data set, you can either create a new deposit, which will get a new DOI but link to the earlier version, or add the new set to the old deposit. Only in very specific circumstances - usually involving intellectual property or privacy violations - will full withdrawals be appropriate. See our Withdrawal Policy for more info.

Is it ok to put sensitive data in DRUW?

No. Our Policy on Protected Information states that we do not accept materials that include sensitive information. DRUW is not HIPAA compliant.

Who is behind DRUW?

The Libraries. ITS. Dave. Contact info is blah blah.

What is the photo on the main page?

That photo is of our Suzzallo Library Reading Room. The photo is courtesy of Katherine Turner and is from the UW Visual Asset Collection.