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Ocean Weather Station Papa, 1951-1981 Public Deposited

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From 1951 to 1981, the Canadian Weathership Program collected almost continuous measurements at Station Papa (50N, 145W) in the North Pacific. The data from this program was recently rediscovered by contemporary oceanographers conducting research at Station Papa. This dataset was subjected to a rigorous analysis designed to determine its efficacy as a scientific tool. The results of that analysis are the datasets posted here.

This collection contains two separate sets of data files, two data keys, and a technical write-up. One set of data files contains the entire record from Station Papa, while the other contains daily averaged values of wind speed and wave height only. The data key files contain notes about the quality control activities that were conducted as well as the units of the data. The technical write-up details some of the issues encountered while developing the final product and the methods used to quality control certain values.

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